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Pinel, Susie

“Affordability, Balance and Common Sense”: the “A, B, C, values I apply to my life and work.

I have had six and a half years (two terms) as a Deputy representing St. Clement and much has been achieved, with more to do. I am running again for Deputy of St Clement because I want to continue the work that has been done and see through that which is outstanding. My re-election would provide continuity to the Parish and Parishioners, ensuring that the experience and knowledge I hold can be put to best use.

Whilst being Deputy, my additional role as Minister for Social Security has been incredibly valuable in being able to assist many Parishioners with enquiries I receive about the Long Term Care Scheme, benefits and pensions. I have always maintained that a 30 year ‘long term view’ is essential when planning for health and well-being and the consequent reliance om the sustainability of funds such as Pensions, Long Term Care and Health Insurance.

In my two terms I have:

  • fulfilled my previous election promise with the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Law along with discrimination laws on race, sex, and age. These laws bring benefit to our community and almost every Parishioner or family in Jersey.
  • brought in the legislation positively extending maternity and paternity rights.
  • through the Back to Work scheme helped bring unemployment to an all-time low.

Still to do:

  • help to seek solutions to social housing issues in the Parish
  • help to progress the plans for the new hospital
  • bring about a new population policy
  • contribute and participate constructively in the new government constitution

I am a Jersey woman and have lived in St Clement for 23 years. I have a good understanding of how the Parish works and what Parishioners want: to have their voices heard and their corners fought. I am still Chairman of the Brig-Y-Don Children’s Charity and a Governor of La Rocquier School. I regularly attend Parish meetings and events which give an extra opportunity to meet Parishioners. I enjoy being part of the St Clement community. St Clement is a wonderful Parish and it is an honour to live here and represent others who do too.

I very much wish to continue to serve the Parish as Deputy