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Vibert, Richard

I am standing for election for Constable of St Peter because I love our parish and have always had an interest in island politics.

I am married with two children

Having held a number of voluntary positions in the Parish, the last 8 years as Chef De Police, I am very aware of the issues concerning our parishioners.

Leaving school I joined the Jersey Finance Industry.

The combination of my parish and financial roles should provide me with the necessary insight to help make decisions on both Parish and Island wide issues.

If elected 1 will always seek to serve the Parishioners to the very best of my ability.



St Peter has a long tradition of supporting its Community providing housing for the elderly, a number of village developments and a Youth and Community Centre.

I will continue the excellent work of our current Constable to ensure the completion of the Parish first time buyer’s development.

The young parishioners have often expressed a view that our Parish lacks an outdoor area for activities such as skateboarding. I will work with the parishioners and others to achieve this.

The elderly are an important part of our community and we must continue to provide care and support of the highest quality and look for ways to improve facilities, ensuring that existing levels of care for the elderly are not subject to cuts.


Road Safety

Many parishioners have expressed their concerns about the increasing amount of traffic and speeding vehicles. As a Centenier I witnessed the consequences of travelling at excessive speeds and this is something we must address. The current penalties for driving at excess speed should be significantly increased.

Greater use of public transport should be encouraged to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.



Uncertainty continues regarding our new hospital, the important factor is that we should provide the best hospital for the people of Jersey – any further delays must be avoided.

I have a particular concern regarding mental health amongst the younger age groups. Greater support must be provided to those suffering from mental health issues, an area which is often neglected and goes unnoticed.



Our children should enjoy a first-class education to allow them to pursue their career of choice. Funding must also be secured in the long-term to ensure that our children can attend University without the added concerns of how their fees will be paid.



The taxation system must be fair to all groups and a review of the existing system is required. New taxes such as Vehicle Emission Duty and the Retail Tax only produce short term benefits and ultimately, are harmful.

The recent increase in VED has already had a negative impact on one trader and it will only result in higher costs for both new and secondhand vehicles.

The Retail Tax imposed on a small group of businesses will result in higher costs to the consumer and make Jersey a less favorable place to do business.