A by-election has been called by the Royal Court to take place on Wednesday 28 July 2021 to fill the vacancy left in St Clement following the death of Connétable (Constable) Len Norman in June 2021. Two candidates have been formally nominated: Marcus Troy and Simon Bree. The successful candidate will take on the role until the next General Election in 2022.

You are entitled to vote FOR ONE CANDIDATE in the by-election if you live in St Clement, are over 16 and registered to vote.

To learn more about the candidates and have the opportunity to ask them questions, a hustings event took place on Thursday 22 July, 7pm. Due to the rising number of Covid cases, Parishioners were invited to ask questions and watch the meeting online (only) via Zoom or by watching on the Vote.je Facebook and YouTube pages.

Following five-minute opening speeches by the two candidates, Parishioners were invited to put their questions to the candidates, including a dedicated time – from 8pm – for those aged under 21 to put their questions to the candidates.

Questions to the candidates were submitted:

  1. In advance – by emailing [email protected] or calling St Clement’s Parish Hall on 01534 854724 between 9am and 5pm tomorrow.
  2. During the meeting – by emailing [email protected] or by posting in the ‘chat’ function of the Zoom meeting.

When submitting questions, Parishioners were asked to include their full name and the area of the Parish they live in (e.g. Pontac). Those under 21 years of age stated this in order for their question to be prioritised in the dedicated time slot. Parishioners were asked to state whether they would like to ask their question via the video link or to have their question read out by the Meeting Chairman: Susan Pearmain, Senior Procureur du Bien Public.

You can watch the hustings video here:

You have to be registered in order to vote. If your name is not already on the main Electoral Register, you can still register before 12pm on Wednesday 21 July 2021 to be on the Supplementary Register and you will be able to vote on By-Election Day. You can register online here.

If you’re not sure whether you are registered to vote, please contact St Clement’s Parish Hall on 01534 854724.

If you registered before 29 June 2021 you can vote before by-election Day. The pre-poll voting station is available at Tribunal Offices, 1st Floor, International House, 41 The Parade, St Helier and will be open:

  • Tuesday 20 – Friday 23 July from 9am to 4pm
  • Monday 26 July from 9am to 2pm

You can vote on by-election Day, Wednesday 28 July 2021, from 8am to 8pm at St Clement Parish Hall, La Grande Route de la Cote, St Clement, JE2 6GP.

When you arrive at the polling station or pre-poll voting station you will be asked for your name. You will need to have photo I.D. with you such as a driving licence or passport.

You will be given a white ballot paper. You will then go to the voting booth to cast your vote by putting an ‘x’ beside the name of your preferred candidate.

If you will be out of the Island on by-election Day you can apply to vote by post. Postal voting forms can be downloaded here or requested from the Parish Hall or Judicial Greffe reception. You must return your application form to the Judicial Greffe by 12pm on the 22 July either via post, email or in person. The Judicial Greffe address is Royal Court House, Royal Square, St Helier, JE1 1JG.

When the Judicial Greffe receives your application, they will send you your ballot paper, a ballot paper envelope and a declaration of identity form. You will need to:

  1. Mark an ‘x’ in the box alongside the name of your preferred candidate then fold the ballot paper and put it inside the ballot paper envelope.
  2. Fill out and sign the declaration of identity form.
  3. Put the ballot paper envelope and the declaration of identity form inside the return envelope and post it back to the Judicial Greffe, to be received no later than 12pm on the 28 July.

If you know you will not be well enough to go to the Parish Hall to vote then you can arrange to vote in advance by completing an application form for a pre-poll home visit.

Application forms can be downloaded here or collected from the Parish Hall.

If you fall ill on Wednesday 28 July 2021 and cannot make it to your polling station, please contact the Parish Hall as soon as possible and they will send an official to you to take your vote.


Simon Bree

Marcus Troy

The Privileges and Procedures Committee is required to publish the background and policies of the candidates in the forthcoming elections in accordance with the provisions of the Public Elections (Expenditure and Donations) (Jersey) Law 2014. The information is provided by each of the candidates themselves and the views expressed are those of the candidates and NOT of the Privileges and Procedures Committee.