Address:    1 Osborne Grove, Rue du Hocq, St Clement, JE2 6LF

E-mail:        [email protected]

Mobile:        07797710111

Home No:    858780

I am married to my wife Diana we have two daughters and have lived in St Clement for over 29 years.

I am a people person and wish to serve the people of St Clement. I have worked in the Hotel industry since I was 19 working, owning and running establishments, managing large numbers of staff and creating profitable and sustainable business.

If elected, my first and foremost responsibility would be to the Parish of St Clement and to represent them effectively in the States Assembly. I would use my considerable business experience to do this efficiently. My aim would be to ensure that both my parish and our government provides its ratepayers and taxpayers with the best possible value and highest levels of service.

To do so the electorate deserves to know what my views are on all the key elements that make our island special.

The Economy

It is vital that we keep Jersey’s economy strong for the benefit of all. To achieve this, public finances must be better-managed and duplication, waste and inefficiency must be eliminated.


I will fight to maintain taxes at low levels and ensure that your taxes and rates are spent prudently and to good effect. I would also fight to ensure that business paid their fair share of the tax burden


The finance industry is the backbone of our economy and we must make sure it remains strong. Diversification should be encouraged through appropriate legislation to ensure the industry remains competitive and a stable contributor to the economy.


is still a major contributor, it is more cost effective to work at developing tourism than embarking on high-risk new industries? I am a supporter of event-lead tourism. I would use my own experience in the industry to come up with ideas for unique self-funding events.


I admire the way our farmers have faced up to the challenges of the 21st century. They are not looking for government handouts, but would benefit from a greater understanding of their needs. We should actively encourage hobby farms, allotments and micro farms as well as farm stays as part of our tourism product.


We have excellent primary schools and the secondary schools are good at preparing students for higher education. However, we must do more to prepare school leavers for jobs in the local community too, particularly in the hospitality sector. We should always strive to provide excellent levels of education to all regardless of household income.


We cannot continue nibbling away at our countryside, but we must meet the needs of the community, particularly those starting out. If elected I would do everything I can to enable our young people to become homeowners. 


The cost of administration must be reduced and funds diverted to improving frontline services. The Hospital project should not suffer any further delay and its cost should be well scrutinised.