The four-year term of office for all 49 current States Members ends in June 2022, and the countdown to Jersey’s next General Election has started!

On 22 June 2022 Islanders will have the opportunity to vote for who they would to represent them for the next four years. Following changes to the Law, voted in by the current States Assembly on 21 April 2021, there will be some significant changes to the make-up of Jersey’s next elected Parliament, as well as how Islanders will be asked to vote.

  1. The role of Senator will no longer exist (currently there are eight Senators with an Island-wide mandate).
  2. The Island will be divided into nine, newly formed, electoral districts for the election of Deputies.
  3. There will be 37 Deputies (currently there are 29), who will each represent one of the nine electoral districts.

The 12 Parish Constable roles remain unchanged, meaning there will still be 49 elected representatives in total, each with an equal vote in the States.

The districts were devised by the States Assembly’s Privileges and Procedures Committee to provide a more even distribution of constituents being represented by States Members. The districts group together parishes with lower populations and divide St Helier into three districts to reflect the size of its population. Unlike Constables, who must live in their Parish, it is not a requirement for Deputies to live within the district they represent. Details of the districts and walks can be found on

Walk and Tell

To help Islanders both familiarise themselves with their district and consider what, in relation to their district, they would like to see discussed at next year’s hustings events, scenic walks around each district have been devised, along with a brief questionnaire. The walks, which can be accessed on, take in many of the key landmarks in each district and Islanders are asked to share their views on their district, which will help to inform the 2022 hustings. All Islanders are encouraged to share their views via the survey link, it’s not essential to complete their district walk to do so.

Event for potential candidates

The States Assembly Diversity Forum are hosting an event to inspire and inform people who are interested in standing for election, getting involved with their parish, or joining community or volunteer groups. Representatives from the States, the parishes, and civic groups will be available to talk to participants about their work and how to get involved on Monday 28 June from 5:30pm until 7:30pm at the St Helier Town Hall. The event is free of charge but spaces are limited and must be booked in advance via Eventbrite.

The event is open to all but the Diversity Forum particularly hope to attract people from communities currently under-represented in the States Assembly, including (but not limited to) the Portuguese, Polish and black communities, the LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities.

Further changes for Election ‘22

In addition to the changes agreed in April, the States Assembly also agreed to the following changes that will impact the 2022 elections. These include:

  • Changes to the nomination process
  • The establishment of the Jersey Electoral Authority
  • Making postal voting available to all Islanders, whether on-Island for the election or not
  • Creating a ‘none of the candidates’ option on the ballot
  • Changes to expenditure

Encouraging voter engagement

Recognising that Jersey’s voter turnout has historically been much below the UK (43.4 % of those registered to vote turned out in Jersey’s 2018 General Election), and many other countries, a digital and public engagement team was formed last year to focus on helping Islanders to engage with the States Assembly – Jersey’s elected Parliament. The four-year strategy for the team’s work can be found here.