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A Procureur du Bien Public (French = attorney of the public good) is the legal and financial representative of a parish in Jersey. Procureurs are elected for a term of three years.

There are two Procureurs for each Parish and their duty is to act as public trustees, maintaining an oversight of Parish finances and represent the Parish along with the Connétable in respect of property transactions of the Parish (if so authorised by a vote of the Parish Assembly).


John Dix has been proposed as a candidate for this post. He has:-

  • Lived in Grouville since 1987
  • Spent ten years as a Royal Engineers officer, serving in England, Germany and Northern Ireland
  • Worked for seven years in building, retail and property development
  • Spent twenty six years working in IT and business support for the Sigma Group, rising to main board Director
  • Now set up as a self employed part time business consultant
  • Become a specialist in office systems and processes, accounts, payroll and HR systems
  • Volunteered for five years in St Saviour’s and six years in Grouville’s Honorary Police as a Constable’s Officer and Vingtenier
  • Been a member of the Social Security Advisory Council since February 2014


Why is John Dix standing for the honorary position of Procureur du Bien Public in Grouville?

  • To bring a fresh set of eyes and hands to the continued good administration of the Parish
  • To assist the Constable and the Parish by offering himself for further Honorary service
  • To help the Parish take advantage of its investment in IT and office systems
  • To share with and consult on the Parish spending plans with ratepayers before the budget is set
  • To enhance the traditional paper based communication of Parish activities and aims with modern methods including using e-mail and the Parish website
  • To make it easier for Parishioners to use the internet to deal with the Parish Administration and pay their bills



Much has been said in recent weeks about the potential demise of the Honorary system in Jersey. The system relies upon people offering themselves for Honorary positions in the Parish. All organisations, both private and public sector, require regular infusions of new people, skills and ideas if they are not to stagnate.

I am pleased to offer myself for election to the position of Procureur du Bien Public, honoured that I have been supported by my proposers and seconders in the Parish, and believe that with my wide business experience I can assist the Constable to continue to run the Parish as a thriving, cost effective 21st Century body.

To find out more

  • E-mail                [email protected]
  • Telephone          856019

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Address: Pied du Catillon, La Rue du Moulin de Bas, Grouville, JE3 9FW

Contact number: 01534 856019

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