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2014 Election: Labey, Russell

It’s time to MAKE SOME NOISE for St Helier, demand better, demand attention, all St Helier deputies should work together for this.

Jersey’s FINANCIAL SERVICES are world-class not just because we’re offshore but because of the people, brilliant Jersey-born talent and exceptional imported expertise who have bravely shouldered recession and regulation to emerge fitter. Let’s be equally bold and responsive to this industry’s market demands; be that attracting outside skills or building new offices but the notion that government in the shape of the States of Jersey Development Company should become a developer in competition with the private sector troubles me.

I’m nuts about the URBAN ENVIRONMENT I want all St Helier deputies to become a force to be reckoned with for better buildings, better everything. We have superb local knowledge available to us on architecture. Let’s formalise a relationship with these people, listen, build a St Helier to be proud of and re-unite it with the sea.

Tackling TRAFFIC FLOW is long overdue. The carnage of Green Street and Havre Des Pas must end. If Green Street residents want to make it one way – make it one way. One solid promise I can make to you, face-to-face consultations and a commitment to work with you to deliver solutions in your area.

The current buzzword is ‘diversity’ and yes the future is facilitating low-footprint, high-value enterprise but look around folks, we already have diversity in the shape of the neglected Tourism and Agriculture industries. The ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Department needs replacing or re-energising to assist these industries renew.

I applaud the new FORT REGENT initiative; it starts with improving access, correct decision. I have issues with content but that grouping of St Helier deputies I bang on about need to own it, drive it, push it.

There are no better people in the world than us; of our own accord we’ve striven for a society in which the labourer’s son can sit alongside the landowner’s daughter and have exactly the same life chances to reach whatever they want. It’s called ‘social mobility’ and Jersey is very, very good at it, improving the lives of families and young people over generations. Of course it doesn’t happen in every case and we have to look out for that, look out for everyone. That’s where EDUCATION comes in.

Equipping our own workforce is key. Those SCHOOLS facing the greatest challenges will not improve with the current, cosy system of internal self-assessment. We fired external assessors because we didn’t like what they said! That’s ridiculous, even Education Departments have something to learn.

The States sets an appalling example on employing local people, which won’t help our IMMIGRATION problem. Last week I noticed a vacancy for a nursery school ‘Team Leader’ which carried the “5 years residency NOT required” stamp. Why, when we have qualified local teachers desperate for employment here?

Let’s change some faces and make some noise, I’m good at that, join with me and MAKE SOME NOISE for St Helier No 1

Address: Five Roads Farm, Millais, St Ouen, Jersey
Contact number: 481083
Email address: [email protected]