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2014 Election: Lewis, Andrew

Andrew Lewis

Key issues I intend to address:

  • Improve resident parking.
  • States funding for children visiting GPs and extended dental health scheme
  • Establish a viable policy for the creation of affordable starter homes for everyone 
  • Ensure the districts’ green areas are protected and enhanced
  • Oppose any further increase in GST by controlling States expenditure.
  • Implement the reforms agreed at the public referendum
  • Increase the number of available scholarships at the islands fee paying schools 
  • Increase the range of apprenticeships and degree courses available locally.

The Economy

It is vital to keep Jersey’s economy strong for the benefit of all Islanders. I would strive to eliminate waste and inefficiency in the public sector to ensure that health, education and pensions are well funded. We need to diversify the economy to include creative and digital sectors.


We must do more to prepare our school leavers for jobs in the local community, providing opportunities to all regardless of household incomes and career ambitions.


Invest in the future of our health service, ensure that it is accessible and affordable for all in the face of our aging population. The States should commit to funding the costs of children visiting GP’s and subsidise dental care for all children in full-time education and others on low incomes.


Traffic in the district will always be a challenge as St Helier continues to be the commercial centre of our Island. However, efforts should continue to mitigate its effects on residents.


We must do more to enable more people to get on the property ladder. I would bring forward a proposition to provide an affordable housing concept.

Reform of the States like many of you, I was appalled that the States failed to implement the results of the referendum on Government reform. I am sure this made you wonder, why bother voting again. I would like to appeal to you all that voting is still the only way to help affect change.

If elected I will bring a proposition to the States to either put to the vote again the result of the referendum or propose a wider range of options if this is what you demand. Any future commission must be independent unlike the last attempt.

My family and myself

I am a Jersey man, educated at St Peters Primary School and De La Salle College.

After further education and a period of working in the UK, I returned to Jersey and established Image Group that grew to be one of the most successful marketing & design agencies in the Channel Islands. I have been a Youth Court panel member for the past 3 years and am a past Chairman of the Institute of Directors.

I have been married to my wife Kate, for 19 years and we have two sons, Harry (17), James (14)

Please drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter…

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Address: Acer House, Les Chenolles, St John, JE34FB
Contact number: 862663
Email address: [email protected]