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2014 Election: Manning, Bernie

Bernard Manning

Best known as Bernie Manning. I am 55 years of age born in St Helier where I am proud to have lived most of my life; I am single and a self-employed events manager.

Some of you may know me from the Millennium Town Park group of which I am a founding member. I am a former member of the Honorary Police.

An active member of the community I regularly attend most parish assemblies 11 out of 15 in 2013. I am not a newcomer to politics; I stood for Deputy in 1999, 2011 and the by-elections in March.

Looking back at my manifestos, there are still many issues that need to be addressed, such as sustainable population, GST and parking in St Helier.

I believe Jersey needs regenerating by creating new ways to market our existing products and services, developing new areas of expertise and entering new global markets.

I am committed to working towards a vibrant, safe and pleasant town for residents and visitors alike, and a fair, prosperous, caring and sustainable future.

I am against the Goods and Services Tax but until we find alternative revenue GST will probably need to stay. I will rigorously resist GST increasing above 5%, and remove it from essential items like food as soon as possible.

The lack of parking in St Helier is causing parking difficulties for visitors and residents of St Helier and needs urgent attention. The Gas Works site would be an ideal site for an underground car park with extension of the Millennium Town Park to St Saviours Road.

We should be helping to make the dream of homeownership become a reality for as many as possible. With greater access to affordable accommodation; this may involve developing further home ownership schemes to help get people onto the housing ladder. The problem is not only for those at the bottom of the property ladder, but also for the older population who would prefer various forms of sheltered housing. We should be looking at increasing the provision of sheltered housing which would free up much-needed housing for young families.

We need to introduce work permits to protect local employment opportunities and help maintain a Sustainable Population. Past and present failures to meet policy guidelines have been the result of insufficient controls and measures.

However, population control should not be exercised in a way that jeopardised the health of our economy on which the island’s social policies depend.

My politics are not about left v right; I believe effective politicians need to work together for the benefit of St Helier and the Island no matter what their political persuasion. If elected, parishioners of St Helier will have someone who has the experience and knowledge to deal with the complex issues our States Members are expected to deal with.

PLEASE VOTE Bernie Manning.

GŁOSUJ NA MINE Bernie Manning.

POR FAVOR VOTE Bernie Manning.

Address: Flat 1, 22 Cleveland Road, St Helier
Email address: [email protected]