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2014 Election: McLinton, Peter

Why am I standing for election for the seat of Deputy for St Saviour district number 1?

Because I, like you have grown very tired of the pathetic, negative, ego posturing nonsense that occurs in the Chamber on an all too regular basis.

They are wasting your time and your money trying to ‘point score’

If you elect me I promise you this…

I will work to bring positive politics to the States Chamber

I will listen to what you have to say and then be your voice in the Chamber

About me

I have been in the public eye/ear for many many years, on stage and on air, so you can rest assured that my ego has been massaged more than enough over time!

I hope to be elected not for the sake of my ego (see above) but for the sake of you and your family’s health, wealth and happiness.

I Believe

All states policy should pass 3 tests

Economic (can we afford it?)

Social (is it good for the people?)

Environmental (will it harm/enhance the beauty/ecology of Jersey?)


We need reasonable maternity and paternity leave (a child needs the chance to bond with both parents)


Jersey University? Absolutely! 


The finance industry is essential but we have too many eggs in one (potentially) dodgy basket.

Protect the finance industry, grow the tourism industry!
Jersey is an astoundingly beautiful island, however there is a big beautiful world out there and many tourists who would once have come to Jersey on holiday can now go travel further afield for the same money. We must make the island more affordable


Affordable, quality housing for all 


We should help the population to look after their own health so that you, the tax payer, don’t have to ‘foot an enormous bill’ at a later date. We are all responsible for our own lives and our own health. If the States make access to ‘pro-active’ fitness and health more affordable by subsidising fitness membership we will all benefit

Children from birth to the end of their primary education and the elderly should have access to free healthcare

A visit to the doctor should never cost so much that it puts an ill person off going. If we attend to the above we won’t need to fill as many hospital beds late.

Mental Health

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I have experienced  a huge number of people struggling with their ‘thoughts’. We must invest more resources in helping people ‘think better.


We shouldn’t be charged tax on what we need, only on what we want. That way you are taxing ‘choice’ not survival.


The new equality policy goes some way to helping Jersey become a better place to be. However, I would push for people who treat any other person as less than equal to be held accountable by law and therefore liable to prosecution.

Please help me be the difference that makes the difference!

Address: 3 Brookhill Farm, Rue du Pre, St Saviour JE2 7UH
Contact number: 07797 727747
Email address: [email protected]