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Paul Gaudin

Dear Parishioner,

My name is Paul Gaudin. At a recent Assembly at the St Martin’s Public Hall, I was proposed and seconded for re-election for the role of Centenier.

I have served the Parish as a member of the St Martin’s Honorary Police since 1998, progressing through the ranks from Constable’s Officer, to Vingtenier, Centenier and currently hold the position of Chef de Police which I have held since June 2016. Being a member of the Honorary Police is a voluntary position, which is very challenging, but immensely rewarding.

My family have a strong history within the Parish of St Martin, and I have lived in the parish for most of my life. I’ve been married for 47 years and have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. Interpersonal skills have been an integral part of my life, working in a sales /customer services role at Jersey Gas for 48 years. I firmly believe in common-sense policing, and although legislation is there to enforce laws and rules, every situation should be treated on its individual merit.

Family, Community and the Parish are everything to me and I hope you will support me by voting for PAUL GAUDIN for Centenier on Wednesday 8th March between 12.00pm and 8.00pm at St Martin’s Public Hall.

If you would like any more information, please call me on 07797765603

Thank you.