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2014 Election: Pearce, Darius

Election after election the Parish’s problems remain the same.

Traffic and speeding issues will continue to dominate and I will support the Constable’s good work to make our roads and lanes as safe as is reasonably possible. I will seek the return of responsibility for the cleaning and maintenance of all roads to the Parish so that the assembly can make and act  upon any decisions about our roads, without the need for approval from TTS.

Over-development will also remain a key issue and I will continue to support the Constable in his vigorous opposition to large scale inappropriate development in the Parish.

The Parish’s former representatives between 2008 and 2011 were successful in persuading the States to transfer some large sites that were under threat of development to the Green Zone but we will need to remain vigilant. Our current deputies, despite valiant efforts, have not been able to prevent planning decisions which have bought these concerns back to the fore.

We, as the only Parish without an undeveloped Common, should encourage the use of otherwise fallow fields, as wildlife reserves or green amenities for parishioners. A worthy legacy to future parishioners.

I also believe that the Parish has a role in promoting the many good works of our parishioners. These projects unite us, creating a genuine sense of community.

Rates and Property Taxes

I will fight to ensure that the Parish continues to set and collect its own rate, our Constable, honorary officials, volunteers and staff provide an efficient and effective service to Parishioners.

Ensuring a Future for the Parish 

Where possible I would like to see more Public Services undertaken by our Parish administration rather than by the Civil Service in order to benefit from the lower cost and higher quality service that our Parish delivers, funded by the States.

The change from Parish Welfare to Income Support is a perfect example. The cost rose and the quality of service fell. Our 44 community volunteers do a wonderful job in plugging the gap which this change created in our community.

Taxation & Expenditure

No one should pay tax until they have enough to support themselves and their family.

Recent financial results demonstrate that our rate of taxation is sub-optimal. Recent tax increases have led to falling tax receipts, we need to lower taxation to increase tax revenues. I favour raising the income tax threshold to share the benefit equally.

Many genuine savings are easily achieved. For example, by combining the collection of Social Security and Income tax we would achieve a genuine reduction in government expenditure by removing duplication.

These savings would allow for a significant and much needed increase in the income tax threshold.

Finance Industry

Our finance industry must remain competitive. We must ensure that the regulatory burden placed upon it does not smother it’s viability. There are major global changes impending and our government must be ready to react swiftly to anything that arises in order to protect our economy.

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