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Peter Falle

Dear Parishioner of Grouville,

I am offering myself as a candidate in the election for Procureur du Bien Public on Wednesday 9th September 2015.

I am Jersey-born and recently retired from 24 years as Grouville Parish Secretary. I now have the opportunity to offer my time and service to ‘my’ Parish, where I live with my wife, Carol, and where we raised our two daughters, one of whom continues to live in Grouville with her own family. Family is of real importance to me and I regard Grouville’s tightly knit community as a Parish family.

After leaving St. Helier Boys’ School in 1968, I was employed in numerous posts in public service, gaining financial and legal skills. This background contributed to my appointment as Parish Secretary of Grouville in 1990 and will equip me for the role of Procureur du Bien Public, a public trustee, being one of the legal and financial representatives of the Parish.

I am humbled by the encouragement I have received to stand as Procureur and aim to offer commitment, knowledge and vision to both the Constable and the Parish.  I will be informed, but not bound by my experience of working with four Constables. My promise is to do my very best to serve the future of my Parish by using my in-depth knowledge of parochial finances, trusts and laws, but now in an honorary and therefore independent role.

A Listening Ear

During my service to Grouville as Parish Secretary, I prided myself in being able to listen and empathise.  I will continue to listen and, together with the Constable and my fellow Procureur, seek to find solutions to problems faced by Parishioners.

Sound Budgeting

The responsibilities of an effective Procureur are to ensure that Parish income is used for the purpose for which it was collected and to maintain all Parish property, assets and buildings in an appropriate and cost effective way. Those who know me are aware that I will research, compare and question to ensure the right outcome for the Parish.

Looking Ahead

It is important to serve both the young and old of our Parish and to assist the Constable in his efforts to resolve all issues facing our Parishioners both now and in the future.  Current issues being:

  • to designate and develop suitable sites for housing for first-time buyers;
  • to provide sheltered housing for our elderly Grouvillais;
  • to resolve the issue of traffic and parking around the school with its potential risk to pedestrians.

Grouville is a unique, caring community, which matters to me. If elected I will do my best to serve you with honesty, integrity and loyalty.

If you would like to speak to me please telephone 857810 or 07700349461, or get in touch by e-mail: [email protected]

If you would like assistance to get to and from the Parish Hall on Election Day, please call 07700349461.



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Address: La Porcherie, 3 Clos Royale, La Ville es Renauds, Grouville, JE3 9DF Contact number: 01534 857810 Email address: [email protected]