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Peter Pearce

The office of Procureur du Bien Public is not one where a candidate can offer a ‘Manifesto’ of new ideas or changes he wishes to achieve – it is much more about electing a person with the right experience and maintaining continuity. The importance of continuity was recognised when changes required the Procureurs be elected one at a time, 18 months apart.

I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the Parish of St Helier for the past 42 years, gaining a wealth of experience in various elected positions including Constable’s Officer, Centenier, a member of the Roads Committee and the Accounts Committee, as Treasurer of both the Avranches and Bad Wurzach Twinning Committees and for the past 3 years as Procureur du Bien Public.

Aside from working with the Parish of St Helier I have worked in various other voluntary roles all over the Island, such as helping to run a youth club and some professional and amateur theatre work including stage manager at the Opera House, in addition to serving as Secretary of various boat owners associations, the Sark to Jersey Rowing Race, Friends of Bonne Nuit and currently Secretary of the Island Procureurs’ Forum.

I am married with 5 children and 1 grandchild and live in Vauxhall Street. I have retired from our family business after 46 years of balancing the books and keeping the business running smoothly through good and bad times, the skills required for this job are many and varied and they certainly stand me in good stead for the work of Procureur du Bien Public.

Over the past few years whilst the States finances have descended into a black hole, the Procureurs have worked with the Constable to successfully avoid raising the Parish Rates with no decline in services provided.

The office of Procureur is an important one as they have responsibilities concerning Parish property and acting together have a right of veto over the Constable in certain matters. They swear before the Royal Court to look after the Parish’s money “better than they would look after their own”. Recent legislation also requires the Procureurs to deputise for the Constable in certain circumstances.

The Constable, with the advice of the Procureurs, performs many functions that in England are the task of a town council. In Jersey we lack many of the powers essential to react to the Parishioners ever-changing requirements quickly and efficiently. For many years Parish officials have been attempting to improve this situation but is a matter that cannot be changed at Parish level, it is one for the States Assembly. Together we continue to press for the necessary improvements through gentle persuasion and continued dialogue with the States Members.

The Procureurs’ job is to help and advise the Constable but we have no mandate to lead policy changes. We simply provide, as the Constable describes it, “a steady hand on the tiller”.

This election is about electing the right person with the right experience.

Please Vote Peter Pearce For Procureur Du Bien Public.

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Contact number: 01534 722536

Email address: [email protected]