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2014 Election: Raymond, Hugh

I have lived in Jersey for twenty years, married to Kay who came to Trinity in the early fifties. She was educated here and spent seventeen years teaching in Jersey. I have two children, who were both educated and work here. My mother-in-law was Headmistress of Janvrin School for eighteen years.

I have sat on many island committees, latterly as President of the Honorary Police Association and Chairman of the Jersey Sports Council, and have dealt regularly with the parishes, States departments, politicians and sporting associations. As a Trinity Centenier I have also experienced the judicial system at work in the Magistrate’s Court.

Prior to moving to Jersey I worked in finance and was one of the first people to sit on a hospital trust. I became Chairman of the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of a National Theatre and Chairman of an Independent school as well as becoming a borough councillor in charge of a department equivalent to Education, Sport and Culture.

If elected my primary role will be to represent the parish and parishioners’ concerns. I may not be able to provide immediate answers but will listen, support and endeavour to find pragmatic resolutions. I will also be the voice of our community making sure that that the appropriate questions are asked of the council of ministers


There is no clear way forward concerning how the States Assembly is formed in the future and having uncontested seats in many Parishes leads me to suggest that we have more Island wide voting for politicians whilst still keeping the Constables in the States.


We need to provide the best facilities, educators and vocational opportunities for everyone within the island and also provide the best support for those wishing to seek a higher education. This should sustain the island’s future growth and requirements.


With advancing technology Jersey needs to continue embracing these changes. However we need access to all relevant information without the current levels of bureaucracy, presently encountered because of advanced E-government initiatives looking after the finance industry whilst adhering to international laws.


With an ever-aging populace and the introduction of a new hospital pending, it is vitally important that questions are asked about the expenditure involved and the expected services and funding required for present and future requirements.


We need to consider immigration numbers as unemployment on the island is high and question the welfare system’s needs and requisite funding. We have to consider our needs now and prepare for the future.


A strong economy is vital. Taxpayers’ money should be used wisely, ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum, whilst considering the needs of every sector of the community. We must also find ways of reducing the deficit, safeguarding our economy for the long term.


I believe the duty of a Deputy is to provide a representative voice for the parishioners and be a voice of reason to benefit all islanders in the States Chamber.

Address: La Maison de Haut, La Verte Rue, Trinity
Contact number: 07797730226
Email address: [email protected]