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2014 Election: Southern, Geoff

I am standing alongside seven other candidates from the new political party “Reform Jersey” to make a real, positive improvement to the lives of everyone in Jersey. Together we can succeed.

Redundancies, rent rises, zero-hours contracts, an inadequate minimum wage and lack of decent employment protection all combine to make life miserable for many. It is scarcely any better for the middle classes as wages stagnate, and prices, taxes (20 means 20), and workloads go up.

The public sector struggles to cope after years of cuts, and pressure mounts from business and right-wing politicians calling for smaller government.

I will be in the vanguard, along with my Reform Jersey colleagues, of the fight to defend the living standards of low and middle earners, and to protect the funding and quality of our public services.

In the last 3 years I have been sucessful in winning:

• An investigation into the abuse of zero-hours contracts

• A wide-ranging report on the introduction of a living wage

• The final introduction of a rent deposit protection scheme, 5 years after I won an “in principle” debate

• Action on discrimination. The law is now in place

I have also seen the Millennium Town Park, for which I won the funding, fulfil its role as a green lung for the residents of No. 2 district, young and old alike, as it matures in the heart of town.

I am proud of my track record as the most active backbencher in the States, bringing on average some 50 propositions in each of my last three terms.

But there remain plenty of big issues still to address. The budget black hole must not be the excuse for another rise in GST. Instead a higher rate of tax for the really wealthy must be introduced, or the cap on Social Security contributions must be raised. These are both issues that I raised over 10 years ago, perhaps now they will be addressed, if only because Reform Jersey will be pressing ministers on these fronts.

Any politician who tells you that he will keep taxes down is either a liar or a fool. The economic model “low-tax, low spend” is broken. The cost of pensions and health care is set to rise massively as we grow into a healthy old age. The only question is how we pay for it.

The massive development on the gas site must be stopped and the park extended. There is still no “Hoppa Bus”. I shall try again. Inward migration must be controlled or the Town will be swamped with high-density housing.

For the past 14 years, I have worked hard to represent your interests in the States, especially those of you on low and middle incomes. It is well known that I will try to help individuals to fight the bureaucrats. I will continue to do so.

Reform Jersey says “No” to the Constables in the States.

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