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The Parish and the Island suffered a great loss with the untimely passing of Len Norman. Len’s length of service, and experience, in both the Parish administration and the States Assembly is unlikely ever to be equalled.

St Clement now faces the task of electing a new Connétable – one who will not only serve out the rest of the term, but who would seek re-election in June 2022 to offer continuity going forward.

I am Simon Brée, and I am proud to be a Jerseyman. I was brought up at Pontac and have lived most of my life in St Clement. I was very honoured to have been elected as a Deputy for St Clement in 2014, serving the parishioners until 2018. Prior to that I had been a Roads inspector, continuing a long family tradition of serving the Parish. This gave me a good insight into the running of the Parish, and also, very importantly, nearly 4 years’ experience of the States Assembly.

The role of Connétable is a vitally important one for the continued prosperity of the Parish and its parishioners, and the Island as a whole by virtue of a seat in the States Assembly.

The primary role must be as head of the Parish administration. I have experience of managing complex large accounts, experience of working with a large and diverse number of people and the requisite management skills, and the ability to present, at times, complex ideas to a large assembly. I am able to get on with people from all walks of life.

The secondary role is as a member of the States Assembly. This role should not be “political” nor promote any personal views or agendas but instead always ensure that the democratically chosen views of parishioners are given a strong voice and that the Parish’s best interests are robustly protected. This extends to supporting and protecting, where possible and appropriate, the Island’s unique way of life, traditions, culture and society. To do this immediately and effectively the successful candidate will need to have experience of the States Assembly and all its workings – something I already have.

Many parishioners feel totally cut-off from parish life, and Island politics. This must change, so that our parish and government is working for the benefit of all. No-one should feel excluded or not represented. Your Connétable must be accessible to each and every one of you – something I commit to.

I was educated at Victoria College, and subsequently worked for 25 years in the local finance industry, rising to a senior position within a Jersey based multinational bank. I am currently an Authorised Civil Celebrant, licenced under oath in the Royal Court to carry out civil weddings.

I have a proven track record, and the experience, commitment, knowledge, ability, integrity and energy to take on the responsibility of being the next Connétable of St Clement.

I would be honoured if you would place your trust in me by giving me your vote.